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We are Kids for the Nations summer camps.

We are very excited to be able to embark on a journey to Australia summer 2021 for Day Camp!
It will be a chance to go through the Outback and enjoy various activities based on the Australian culture.
Day Camp will be a fun adventure and we are excited to encounter God together.

Can't wait to see you!!


KFN Day Camp Session 1                                June 21-25

KFN Day Camp Session 2                                June 28-July 2

The place to be summer 2021!

A place of fun

Come join us for high action recreation, crazy wild water activities, and out of this world theme days.

A place of discovery

You will love our Bible explorations, live worship, and amazing time in the presence of God.

A place of connection

You will build close relationships with other wonderful campers as well as our energetic interns.


Theme 2021

Adventure awaits as we explore the Outback of Australia and discover who God is and who He has called us to be!




A special experience for kids ages 5 and 6 who have not yet completed first grade. The Islander camp includes fun indoor/outdoor activities, live worship, and Bible discovery times. Activities include: discovery zone, nature exploration, swimming and water activities, creative crafts, eat n’ treat, world spotlight, sang fun and more!



Natives is for kids who have completed grades one, two, or three. They will enjoy relationships with kids their age and their counselors. They will receive ministry through anointed messages and prayer. They have fun-filled activities including: Swimming, Archery, Outback Olympics, The Bush, Water World, Aussie Art and even a visit to our Creation Museum!



The Tribe is a dynamic camp experience for preteens ages 10-12 who have completed fourth grade. Friendships and fun are emphasized in Tribe as they discover more about themselves and God’s plan for their lives. Campers will love the high action activities that include Go karts, Swimming, The Bush, Outback Olympics, Theme Days and more!



Counselors in Training are an elect group of ages 13-17 who want to experience the joy of “making a difference”. They will serve alongside our KFN Interns to transform this generation! Trained and mentored through KFN, they are immersed in fun and exciting growth opportunities where they learn how to be leaders and walk in the calling God has for them.


Natives & Tribe


Eric N. Hamp

Eric N. Hamp was born in Dayton, Ohio. He had two loving parents that encouraged him to follow the Lord and attend church regularly. He was picked up on the church bus that came into the government subsidized apartment complex that he grew up in. The Lord always had his hand on Eric and he knew he would do something for God. At age nine he received the calling to be a pastor and answered it. Though he travels worldwide doing ministry, he and his wife and three children currently reside near Dallas, TX and are heavily involved in the ministries God has called them to lead and serve. He ministers the Word of God in a humorous and anointed way followed by a demonstration of the Gospel with sign and wonders! Pastor Eric moves in a strong prophetic anointing and is able to create an atmosphere for God to move as He wills.
Richard Konderla

Richard Konderla

Richard Konderla is a graduate of Christ For The Nations. He serves as Outreach Director at the International Church of Nacogdoches Dream Center. Along with ministering to children at risk through a weekly bus ministry, Pastor Richard ministers at Camps and Training Centers. He and his wife Dottie have been married for 27 years and have 6 children. Richard has given his life to reach children for the Lord and ministers with great anointing.


Christy Jackson

Christy Jackson


Christy Jackson is from South Africa. She has a degree in Education and holds a Master’s in Adult Education. Christy also graduated from Christ For The Nations and CFNI’s School of Missions. She has taught in the South African schools as well as helping her brother start Souls Ablaze Ministry outreach. She has ministered to children in countries throughout Africa, giving her great insight into children’s lives in crisis. She loves Children’s Ministry and has gift for teaching.
Gwen Enriquez

Gwen Enriquez


Gwyneth Enriquez has a B.A. from Dallas Baptist University and is a graduate of Christ For The Nations Institute and CFNI’s Pastoral Ministry School. She and her husband are currently the Children’s Pastors at Grace Fellowship Church. She has taught children for over ten years in South Africa and the U.S. Gwyneth has served in a variety of areas of children’s ministry including as a camp counselor and by leading a Christian Club in her high school. She teachers with passion and creativity, and infuses her teaching with a love for missions. Her vision is to see nations transformed by equipping teachers and rearing Godly children for God’s end time call.

Meet the Team


Connie McKenzie


Connie McKenzie is the Director of KFN. In addition to her duties at KFN, she also chairs the Children and Families Major at Christ For The Nations Institute. She has a passion to raise up ministers who will effectively reach children and their families with the Gospel, both in the U.S. and around the world. She has a M.A. from Dallas Baptist University and a B.S. from the University of Kentucky. She also graduated from CFNI. Connie McKenzie founded and leads Kids For The Nations Summer Camps and oversees the Children’s Ministry at CFNI’s Tuesday Night Encounter. She is involved in the global 4/14 Movement. She has ministered in over 20 nations and leads CFNI students on mission trips overseas each year.

Amanda Galassini

KFN Ministry Coordinator

Amanda is the KFN Ministry Coordinator. She is from Brazil and has a Bachelor's degree in teaching. She worked at a preschool called Maple Bear for almost 6 years before coming to CFNI. Amanda graduated from CFNI Children’s and Family Major and served KFN with excellence while she was a student, including leading the CIT’s.  Her passion is to point the next generation to Jesus and to shine His light to the nations. She loves all aspects of camp ministry. We believe God has called her to KFN “for such a time as this”.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is KFN?

KFN seeks to provide children with an unforgettable multi-cultural, Christ-Centered camp experience. Through fun, stimulating activities, a positive environment, and dynamic prayer and worship, our trained and qualified CFNI students desire to foster relationships with each child that will impact them eternally. 
KFN is a ministry of Christ For The Nations.

What is spiritually taught at KFN?

Campers will learn about the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit and how to have a lifestyle of worship. Through Spirit-led worship, powerful Bible experiences, and anointed prayer times, campers will have an opportunity to experience the presence of God.

Who are the KFN interns?

The amazing counselors are the best part of KFN. Our team members are trained and equipped Christ For the Nations students. These dynamic students come from all over America and around the world to seek God and study His Word at Christ For the Nations. Their enthusiasm, energy, and zeal for God are contagious. They will model godly character and demonstrate God’s love as they lead and teach.

What are the hours for KFN Day Camp 2021?

KFN Day Camp is from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday. We also offer extended care from 7:30-9:00am and/or 4:00-6:00pm for an additional cost.



9:00AM - 4:00PM

Activities & Lunches Included



9:00AM - 4:00PM

Activities & Lunches Included



7:30AM – 9:00AM
4:00PM – 6:00PM



7:30AM – 9:AM
4:00PM – 6:00PM



Activities & Lunches Included



Activities & Lunches Included

Recommended Hotels

Here are some hotels you can get an exclusive KFN discount with:

LaQuinta Inn & Suites by Wyndam Duncanville

$89 / Night  (4-5 people in a room)

835 E Hwy 67, Duncanville, TX, 75137

Call (972) 913-6146 and mention Kids For the Nations to book at this rate.

Click the link below to book this special rate for your preferred week of camp:

Week 1 Day camp:

Week 2 Day camp: www.wyndhamhotels.com/hotels/53845?checkInDate=06/28/2021&checkOutDate=07/02/2021&groupCode=CGKD06

Week 3 Preteen Impact: https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/laquinta/duncanville-texas/la-quinta-duncanville/rooms-rates?&checkInDate=07/19/2021&checkOutDate=07/22/2021&groupCode=CGKS07


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Dallas Southwest-Cedarhill

$89 / Night  (4-5 people in a room)

1007 N Hwy 67, Cedar Hill, TX, 75104

Call (972) 291-4037 and mention Kids For the Nations to book at this rate.

Click the link below to book this special rate for your preferred week of camp:

Week 1 Day camp: https://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/us/en/find-hotels/hotel/rooms?qDest=1007%20N%20Hwy%2067,%20Cedar%20Hill,%20TX,%20US&qCiMy=52021&qCiD=21&qCoMy=52021&qCoD=25&qAdlt=1&qChld=0&qRms=1&qIta=99801505&qGrpCd=KNG&qSlH=DFWCH&qAkamaiCC=US&qSrt=sBR&qBrs=re.ic.in.vn.cp.vx.hi.ex.rs.cv.sb.cw.ma.ul.ki.va.ii.sp.nd.ct.sx&qWch=0&qSmP=1&setPMCookies=true&qRad=30&qRdU=mi&srb_u=1&qSHBrC=EX&icdv=99801505

Week 2 Day camp: https://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/us/en/find-hotels/hotel/rooms?qDest=1007%20N%20Hwy%2067,%20Cedar%20Hill,%20TX,%20US&qCiMy=52021&qCiD=28&qCoMy=62021&qCoD=2&qAdlt=1&qChld=0&qRms=1&qIta=99801505&qGrpCd=KOT&qSlH=DFWCH&qAkamaiCC=US&qSrt=sBR&qBrs=re.ic.in.vn.cp.vx.hi.ex.rs.cv.sb.cw.ma.ul.ki.va.ii.sp.nd.ct.sx&qWch=0&qSmP=1&setPMCookies=true&qRad=30&qRdU=mi&srb_u=1&qSHBrC=EX&icdv=99801505

Week 3 Preteen Impact: https://www.ihg.com/holidayinnexpress/hotels/us/en/find-hotels/hotel/rooms?qDest=1007%20N%20Hwy%2067,%20Cedar%20Hill,%20TX,%20US&qCiMy=62021&qCiD=19&qCoMy=62021&qCoD=22&qAdlt=1&qChld=0&qRms=1&qIta=99801505&qGrpCd=NAT&qSlH=DFWCH&qAkamaiCC=US&qSrt=sBR&qBrs=re.ic.in.vn.cp.vx.hi.ex.rs.cv.sb.cw.ma.ul.ki.va.ii.sp.nd.ct.sx&qWch=0&qSmP=1&setPMCookies=true&qRad=30&qRdU=mi&srb_u=1&qSHBrC=EX&icdv=99801505


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Duncanville

$85 / Night  (4-5 people in a room)

1035 E Hwy 67 East, Duncanville, TX, 75137

Call (972) 298-8000 and mention Kids For the Nations to book at this rate.

Click the link below to book this special rate for your preferred week of camp:

*Any cancelations must be done 48 hours in advance *

Week 1 Day camp: https://www.hiexpress.com/redirect?path=rates&brandCode=EX&localeCode=en&regionCode=1&hotelCode=DCVTX&checkInDate=21&checkInMonthYear=052021&checkOutDate=25&checkOutMonthYear=052021&_PMID=99801505&GPC=KFN&cn=no&viewfullsite=true


Week 2 Day camp: https://www.hiexpress.com/redirect?path=rates&brandCode=EX&localeCode=en&regionCode=1&hotelCode=DCVTX&checkInDate=28&checkInMonthYear=052021&checkOutDate=02&checkOutMonthYear=062021&_PMID=99801505&GPC=KN2&cn=no&viewfullsite=true

Week 3 Preteen Impact: https://www.hiexpress.com/redirect?path=rates&brandCode=EX&localeCode=en&regionCode=1&hotelCode=DCVTX&checkInDate=19&checkInMonthYear=062021&checkOutDate=22&checkOutMonthYear=062021&_PMID=99801505&GPC=KN3&cn=no&vie